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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Business Registrations

Business Registrations

Changing Income Tax and Companies Act legislation has made business more complex. The business person today needs to be aware of the impact of these legislative procedures to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties.

TFAGLOBAL assists the following entities with all registration requirements:

•    Sole Proprietors.
•    Companies.
•    Partnerships.
•    Trusts.

Sole Proprietor

•    SARS.
•    Efiling.
•    Unemployment Commissioner
•    Occupational Injury and Disease Commissioner.


Registration with The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC formerly CIPRO) for
•    Name reservations/Change of name
•    Establishment and amendments to Memorandum of Interest (MOI)
•    Appointment and resignation of directors.
•    Maintenance of share registers and minutes.
•    Creation and transfer of shares.


•    Partnership agreement.


•    Establishment of the Trust
•    Drafting of the trust deed.
•    Serving as independent trustees.

General registrations

It is a requirement that all categories, as above are required to be registered for the following.

•    Income Tax
•    Unemployment Insurance Commissioner.
•    Health and Safety Commissioner – OID (formerly WCA).
•    Paye as you Earn(PAYE)
•    Value Added Tax – VAT

Annual Returns

Submissionof Annual Returns to CIPC.


Our partners and staff are well versed in all of the above and available to assist you.

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